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Random from models finished by others X3

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fav-ninja by CookiemagiK

sry that i don't comment every Fav
the most of the time i'm overwhelmed
of all this freaking awesome art

Random from Feature of the Moment

this little collection is something special
behind every artwork lies a deeper message
ore is just "outstanding-outstanding"
only a few will make it in here


original model by :iconhaikai13: haikai13

:bulletgreen: 3D-editing: done
:bulletgreen: unfolding: done

current piececount: 688
sorted pages: 100
:bulletgreen: lower skirt: done
:bulletgreen: top skirt: done
:bulletgreen: lower torso: done
:bulletyellow: shoulder armor: under rebuild
:bulletgreen: dagger (2x): done
:bulletyellow: arms: in progress
:bulletred: left wing: ---
:bulletred: right wing: ---
:bulletred: head: ---
:bulletred: upper torso: ---
:bulletred: adding attachments: ---

:skull: known troubles:
-unstable stand cause of the "animal legs"
-a lot and tiny pieces
-complicated sheets because of all the feathers

artwork copyright by Joe Madureira

3D Editing Status:
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Sonic: done
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Shadow: done
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Tails: done
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Knuckles: done

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Sonic: in progress
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Shadow: done
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Tails: done
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Knuckles: done

Building Process: Sonic
:bulletyellow: Head: ---
:bulletyellow: Legs: ---
:bulletyellow: Arms: ---

Status Recoloring Sheets:
:bulletgreen: Shield: done
:bulletgreen: Axe: done
:bulletgreen: Rifle: done
:bulletyellow: Backpack in progress
:bulletred: Legs: open
:bulletred: Hip: open
:bulletred: Chest: open
:bulletred: Arms: open
:bulletred: Hands: open
:bulletred: Shoulders: open
:bulletred: Head: open

Building Process:
:bulletgreen: Axe: done
:bulletgreen: Rifle: done
:bulletgreen: Shield: done
:bulletblack: Backpack: open
:bulletblack: Legs: open
:bulletpurple: Feet/Leg/Hip Moving System
:bulletblack: Hip: open
:bulletpurple: HIP/Waist Moving System
:bulletblack: Chest: open
:bulletpurple: Arms/Waist Moving System
:bulletblack: Arms: open
:bulletpurple: Arms/Elbow/Hands Moving System
:bulletblack: Hands: open
:bulletpurple: Arms/Shoulders Moving System
:bulletblack: Shoulders: open
:bulletpurple: Arms (complete)/Chest Moving System
:bulletblack: Head: open
:bulletpurple: Head/Chest Moving System

"why this project has so many steps?" you may ask
since i saw this model on it is one of my top favorites
but until now i was not able to build it because of the colored tabs.
meanwhile i removed the tabs-color from the sheets and basically i could start.
but for those who know me, i'm not "just" build a model
and because this is something personal, i'm gonna do something very very special

not only that i recolor the sheets, to get a bit more intensity into the colors,
removing the grey vector color into deeper and textured faces,
spend that model a rifle and an axe from an other Sinanju version,
i try to convert this static model, with some parts of the Unicorn Model (also from into a full movable model :w00t:
this it will be a gigantic project but i believe, this will rock :dance:

original model by :iconmeerin: Meerin

3D-editing Status:
:bulletyellow: removing collissions: in progress
:bulletred: removing distortion in left claw: open
:bulletred: simplifying mesh: open
:bulletred: detail work: open

current poly count: 15.000

:skull: known troubles:
-huge size
-a lot and tiny pieces (over 600 are possible)
-will not stand and/or collape because of the huge wingspread

3D-editing and posing: paused until meerin is done
Preview: Enigma test pose version 1

:skull: Known troubles:
-a lot of pieces

3D-editing: idle

3D-editing: idle

some stuff

Models i'm waiting for:
-more Digimon at all
-a nice Megaman Model
-some Mecha from Code Geass
-a model what's worth for a life size project

Models i would stop every running project:

Pages you should visit: (… ( (… (
thepapercraftcouple.blogspot.c… ( ( ( ( (

Specials: (C&C Papercraft) (WoW Papercraft) (1000 piece Bumblebee Model @ ( just awesome models) (something for the Fantasy and Dragon Fans) (home of the Bang Doll creator)

recently found:
Freaking WHAT !!!!!! :wow:
DooM³ Cyber Demon hi-res model




:iconhappy-animals: :iconclub-bizzare: :iconunrealuniverse:



Apr 22, 2014
1:49 pm
Apr 22, 2014
9:18 am
Apr 22, 2014
8:34 am
Apr 22, 2014
7:31 am
Apr 22, 2014
6:27 am

Collaboration Number 5...

Sat Oct 19, 2013, 6:16 AM

-update- 4.1.2014
well, first of all
happy new year everybody :w00t:
long time (again) not here :blushes:
but i'm not dead
as you saw, i uploaded a few new progress photos of the Avian Defender
*gosh* this project slowly becomes insane
and i am too :D
after quite three months now the lower torso is done
the first arm, the daggers (after a re-build), the shoulder armor and
i throwed a wing away
yes, you read correctly
if you don't follow me on my facebook page or profile
i build meanwhile one of the wings
but it was quite impossible to complete it, the wing was so instable that i also had to re-build the 3d mesh here
but this time it will work ;)
i'm really excited when this model is finished
i defenitly need a really simple model after that :D

since two years
i had a model on my computer what was waiting to build
more or less because of lazyness i didn't finished that
what you will see in the next weeks
but now it's time to release this beast

The Avian Defender from :iconhaikai13: haikai13

Avian Defender by haikai13
is the biggest and most complex model what i build so far
60cm tall, 96 pages minimum and over 670 pieces
and without any regrets it will be my personal masterpiece
allready at the 3d editing process, i put all my knowledge of papercrafting into it
quite every edge is recolored with markers in different colors and mixtures
what you allready saw is just the beginning of a huge project with a lot of specials
i'm so happy that i can finally build that model
even it's just for me (no worries, i will release the sheets, but i have my doubts that someone will build it too ^^; )

Journal History


Dominik Kempen ore short Desse |
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hey there
welcome to my little Deviant-Art gallery

My name is Destro, for friends Desse
so, for all of you =)

i'm a regular guy, with a regular job
but i'm interrested in everything that's quite different.

if i would describe myself with one word, it would probably be: Geek
ore Nerd if you want =D

i love it to surf in the net for something that draws my attention, listen to good music (and not this Lady GaGa commercial shit), i mean real music from artists like 5FDP, KoRn, Tool, Prodigy, Astral Projection, MFG (my bandwidth is very large ;) )

playing video games and watching TV, specially animes (at least the broadcasts which comes across to GER)
Dragonball (since Songoku was little), Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, Hellsing, GANZ, X, NGE, FLCL, Code Geass...
you name it

you mean i'm to old for something like this ?
Fuck That! =D
i live my life

feel free to browse my images
and thx for watching =)
1st wacom doodle by Destro2k


10252013cc by TeriKub
by TeriKub

i'm a huge fan of fractals even i'm probably not the right one for a fractal critique, so forgive me when i don't write about technique...

Homeless warrior by francoclun

traditional drawing.... are you f***ing kidding me :omg: this work and all of the others are just astonishing but this one took me i don't ...

Praesidians Concept 2 by MatAndre

aquanautic grey alien at it's finest :wow: at least i guess so because of the form :) i have no idea about this novel but it's an alien i wo...

Vulcan rifle - flash - rotation by peterku
by peterku

oh yeah that's a weapon i would like to blast off the heads of aliens :D i'm a huge sci-fi fan and that's defenitly a weapon i would lik...


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:bulletyellow: i'm slow at answering (you can also call it lazy ^^; ) but i read all of your comments and answer them as far as possible :meow:
:bulletyellow: if you send me a note and recieved no responce, don't be shy and send me an other one, my memory sucks ^^;
:bulletyellow: if you are asking how to download my models, pls take a look at this
how to download aka dA fail by Destro2k


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Just can´t wait. I shared your pictures at Facebook, and my friends adored!
Orbana Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your gallery is amazing! I was having a field day just looking at your submissions!

I'd love to see all the Sonic chars (and friends) modeled too, but I'm sure you have a lot on your hands!

Keep it up~!
Sir you are A papercrafting GOD plz never stop making the things you do
carlosaandres Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your work is simply incredible. Really, it's amazing.
tommygee21 Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, man... thanks for the comments on my 'Brady' picture. And thanks for the update on our "friend" there... there's no need for ignorant/rude comments.
daimontribe Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the :+fav: you have awesome papercraft gallery =)
You are extremly cool!
Destro2k Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
damn! the upload is so lazyass lame
take a look at this. [link]
Is that something for your detail-group?
Best impact in full view of course.. but who am I talking to ;)

francoclun Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's very kind of you. Thank you so very much for the faves and the watch! I appreciate your support :D :iconredbullglompplz:
Destro2k Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
very welcome :)
thank you for watch!!
Destro2k Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
very welcome :)
Olá aprecio muito seu trabalho, e gostaria de sua opinião para saber em que posso melhorar meus modelos. Desde já agradeço a atenção.
Destro2k Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
hm.. probably more editing
agumon as example
i know the mesh of him and that there is an internal mesh of the mouth
if you want to build the model with closed mouth, you can remove it
otherwise i would open it and pose him a bit :)
but all in all you have an awesome gallery and collection
i wish i had the time to build more

and i hope you still know
i'm still would like to testbuild your wargrowlmon model ;)
Obrigado pela dica.
meu problema realmente é editar meus modelos.
eu consigo facilmente posicionar eles mas não consigo remover vertices que estão em conflito.
ou seja depois que terminei de editar o .pdo do wargrowmon percebi que é impossivel montar.
consegui montar a cabeça e todas as parte separadas (braços, pernas, calda...)mas não posso junta-las porque ficaram uma dentro da outra.
se você quizer posso te enviar por e-mail o arquivo .pdo, .obj e a textura.

Thanks for the tip.
My problem is actually edit my models.
I can easily place but they can not remove vertices that are in conflict.
ie after I finished the edit. pdo of wargrowmon realized that it is impossible to assemble.
I could mount the head and all separate part (arms, legs, tail ...) but I can not join them because they were one inside the other.
if you want I can send you by email the file. pdo,. obj and texture.
Destro2k Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i have that model too but i failed with editing too at an earlier time
meanwhile i know how it's work :meow:
also yours is posed with this antenna :dance:
would be a honor to take a look over it :la:

i send you a note ;)
Something-Angelic Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello!~ I was wondering, do you only put the download for the models you use up on the site once you finish the model itself? I've been looking for a good Tails model, but I can't seem to find one and I noticed you're working on the physical copy of Tails right now, and that you have all four of your Sonic models finished (if I'm reading that checklist right?)

Just curious, as papercrafts should add a more personal touch to my Sonic themed bedroom ^^;
Destro2k Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
yes, i upload them first until i'm done :)
not because that i have it first
it's because to build it first, find the issues and make the instructions :)
the model of tails is laying right on my desk and is waiting
but i'm working currently on something very special ;P
when i'm done with that model, i'll start with tails :)
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