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October 19, 2013
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1/33 second
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4 mm
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Oct 11, 2013, 2:54:17 PM
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Avian Defender  - legs and lower torso - IMPORTANT by Destro2k Avian Defender  - legs and lower torso - IMPORTANT by Destro2k
maybe you remeber this screenshot of an idea of an inner structure

well then, before i start with the explanation of the next steps
i can say
i was just positive suprised
it worked perfect and the stability is amazing :w00t:
but to reach that you have to build the legs in the exact same order what i counted in the sheets

this is also a little tip for all other crafters out there
try that technique on one of your models
you won't regret it :)

what i also have to say
you will notice that i wrote the number with a red marker
i counted them but the original is on the other side ^^;
also, when you look at the pdo later
you will see that this "stabilisator pieces" have quite no reference where they have to belong (with the tabs)
so you have to test it out, how they have to be combined with the actual part
but it isn't that hard as it now looks
the tabs a very different in the size, so you will see it :)

oki, but now to the progress

pic 1,2,3
build the claw until you reach piece 11 (the one on the bottom)
this is the only piece what is not connected straight to the other tabs
push it a bit inside and connect it to the first faces
then add piece 11

maybe you can see that i didn't combined the tabs on the top
i prefere that you do the same
just combine only the tabs what you are currently working on
you you don't have any problems with mountain/valley folds or others things

pic 4
piece 12b is self explaining

piece 15e is the the filler after you attached the single claw/toe at the backside of the leg
isn't very hard :)

pic 7,8,9
well actually i made this photos just to show you the rest

again the screenshot with all stabilisators

the final legs
and as you can see, it stand
and that without any weight or something else
and it is strong enough to hold the whole skirt stuff :)
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so with the supporter pieces do u glue the tabs together that overlap the other tabs after u move on to the next piece?
Destro2k Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
exactly, but step by step
i glued one tab together to get the supporter in the right place
then i glue the outer tab to the next piece and then the inner tab from the supporter
it's a bit of work but it's defenitly worth
even with 80gsm paper the legs are really strong
hmm ok can't wait for it to be done and maybe build it we will see that is if i have the room for it and if my dad doesn't mind printing it for me 
when do u think it will be released cause i would really like to build this 
Destro2k Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i really don't know
i had to rebuild the lower skirt because of some issues
but there are still a lot of things to do
wings, arms, head, torso, combining stuff
could be next year ^^;
well ok i guess i can wait but so far it is really looking good can't wait till it is released and i can build it although mine may be black and white since i don't have color ink unless my dad can print it for me :D
That's so cool ^^ Want to try it too if you share the file! xD
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