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June 24, 2012
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Sinanju - Axe by Destro2k Sinanju - Axe by Destro2k
you maybe allready know this part

i know it's "not the original beam axe what's hidden behind the shield"
i have to say
i don't give a shit :D
all the work put into this, from the resize, redesign and recolor was just worth :dance:
but it's not only an axe, with a little special it can be morphed to a spear from 50cm to 65cm

the other thing, the original design is just really cool and totally open

when you print the pages a few times, you can build two weapons or on one side two big blades and on the other two small and waht not, it's up to the builder :meow:

but anyway
now to the morphing system
through the resize i had a little problem
the original staff is one page tall and i had to think about what to do
so i decided to cut that piece into three different and build it
like an antenna

here you can see my building process
first i build the three pipes (these are the hardest parts by the way ;) )
and cut some long paper stripes
then i wrapped one stripe arround at one side first until it fit good into the bigger pipe
you have to test it out how much you need
cut a stripe with the same lenght but don't attach it to the other side

then do the same but at the inside of one of the bigger pipes

now the system should be clear
stick the thin pipe without the attached stripe into the big pipe from the other side until you reach quite the end

then through the second bigger pipe at the side with the attached stripe at the inside

push this also quite to the end
now add the stripe at the thin pipe
and done ;P
sound complicated i know but it's really easy :)

then add the two red pieces to the staff and the top part
i allready combined them but it's up to you :)

and step by step the final axe is done :)

about the sheets:
because this time it's a recolored version
the sheets are coming as pdf
just click download at the top :)

the original design belongs still to playboy
redesigned and recolored by me


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I've built a smaller version (38cm) of sinanju, but still borrowed your axe, cause it looks awesome,  even if it's a bit to big for him :d
were is download i cant see the boton

Wachenroder Jun 1, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
thank you very much!!
Nice stuff. btw, how do I print it out? The lines for the axe's blades are so light it doesn't show up when I print it. Is there any settings that you recommend?
Destro2k Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
check you settings of the printer :blushes:
but serious, i made the lines are very light that is true, but they are solid so you actually should see them, try to print the two blade pages not as color print, use black and white print mode, then this should work better :)
AWESOME, man!! would it be too much to ask for a resized version of the rifle or the axe for the smaller sinanju version from paper-replika? still, AWESOME job,man!
uh, please, disconsider this post ^^''''...
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