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Collaboration Number 5...

Sat Oct 19, 2013, 6:16 AM

-update- 4.1.2014
well, first of all
happy new year everybody :w00t:
long time (again) not here :blushes:
but i'm not dead
as you saw, i uploaded a few new progress photos of the Avian Defender
*gosh* this project slowly becomes insane
and i am too :D
after quite three months now the lower torso is done
the first arm, the daggers (after a re-build), the shoulder armor and
i throwed a wing away
yes, you read correctly
if you don't follow me on my facebook page or profile
i build meanwhile one of the wings
but it was quite impossible to complete it, the wing was so instable that i also had to re-build the 3d mesh here
but this time it will work ;)
i'm really excited when this model is finished
i defenitly need a really simple model after that :D

since two years
i had a model on my computer what was waiting to build
more or less because of lazyness i didn't finished that
what you will see in the next weeks
but now it's time to release this beast

The Avian Defender from :iconhaikai13: haikai13

Avian Defender by haikai13
is the biggest and most complex model what i build so far
60cm tall, 96 pages minimum and over 670 pieces
and without any regrets it will be my personal masterpiece
allready at the 3d editing process, i put all my knowledge of papercrafting into it
quite every edge is recolored with markers in different colors and mixtures
what you allready saw is just the beginning of a huge project with a lot of specials
i'm so happy that i can finally build that model
even it's just for me (no worries, i will release the sheets, but i have my doubts that someone will build it too ^^; )

downloadlinks don't work :o ...

Thu May 2, 2013, 1:05 AM

hey there :)
it seems to be that dA changed something with the url's
the result is that the links of the downloads, what i write in the descriptions don't work
but that doesn't mean you are not able to download the pdo and sheets
just press the download button on the right side and you can still get them :)

i'll will fix that in the next hours
also i'm gonna upload a new model what i was working on the last weeks
so stay tuned :w00t:

shamefull selfpromotion...

Wed Mar 20, 2013, 1:25 PM

did you know that i created a WIP profile on facebook (yeah that sozial media thing ;P )
maybe you want to know what i'm currently building ? :meow:
it will be something big :w00t:
but take a look on your own
just if you want :)

Remember, remember...

Sun Mar 10, 2013, 8:36 AM

the 10th of march....... :confused:
merry x-mas and a happy new year by the way :blushes:

yeah, it's been a very long time since my last journal
and some of you may ask, what happend with me in the last months
(except that i uploaded pictures of my crafts)
well actually nothing, i lived and enjoyed my life
but i neglected deviantart and the stuff here completely
i had to anser a lot of people, write some thanks, give some llamas and have to appollogize by a lot people for beeing not here
specially for those which are in my groups
but dA is meanwhile "just" a plattform for me where i can upload my models and stay the rest of the time idle
that doens't mean that i'm not happy about every comment that i receive
i read everything, i just had to answer ^^;

so i hope you can forgive me, when i'm not answer instantly at this or that
about my groups?
well to be honest, i have no clue
i really like them but i'm also tired about them
tired to write everytime, why i decline this or that, why this has been not accepted and so on
i guess a few which also have groups, know what i mean

hm.. stupid situation now
how can i now make a turn from this to a overview of the last year ^^;
let's talk about what's coming
i still will build my models, of course and i have tons of models in the back what i want to build
but as every hobby, it's a matter of time
so be excited, i have the feeling that there will come some really cool things
i don't write about special models, because i can't say on my own, which i finish or not
it has something to do where the flow goes ;)
but i can show you the ones what i finished with a little resume of the last year
(got it ;P )

Devimon and Growlmon:
Devimon by Destro2k Growlmon by Destro2k
two models what i build as testbuilder for
Devimon is cool but Growlmon was my favorite
meanwhile the family tree is quite done
and guess what, the next evolution is coming ;)

The BigSister:
BioShock 2 - Bigsister - a by Destro2k
still the most complex model i've build
three months of work pure building time but it was worth :)

The Lich:
The Lich - a by Destro2k
2012 was also the year of the collaborations
The Lich was one of them
over the year i had to repear the model not only one time
but meanwhile it stand as a tree on my desk and i'm happy that i finished this really cool model from :iconfirstkeeper: FirstKeeper

Warlord Crock:
Crock - a by Destro2k
same counts for Crock, which i recieved from :iconsanat49: sanat49

Dolphmon by Destro2k
also a work for the blog
i was very happy about it, because i had no model at that point and sometimes you just need something simple to come down :)

The Sinanju Project:
MSN-06 Sinanju SD by Destro2k
this one was something really heavy and the biggest project of the last year
yes, even bigger as the big sister
to figure out, how to export the pdf into jpg without any scale distortion, recoloring all the sheets and build it took me more then four months with a lot of setbacks
but i'm proud that i managed it
it is a real cool model :)
specially when you see it with the rifle and the axe ;)

The Marker:
Dead Space Marker Desktop Statue by Destro2k
funny fact, as simpler the model, as more popular it is
i'm always faszinated how much response i receive about that model
i'm happy that the people like it :)

Knuckles the Echidna - a by Destro2k
the first model of a series (meanwhile i finished allready Tails too)
the reaction of this model blowed me away :faint:
and i'm still overwhelmed by all the reactions

Gomamon and the Tutorials:
Gomamon by Destro2k Papercraft Tutorial Part 1 of 6 by Destro2k
with Gomanon and the Tutorial series i finished the year
and completed something what i always said
a tutorial from the 3d mesh, over the first steps within to the final papercraft
i hope this will bring a lot more people into this cool hooby :w00t:

if you now ask, what's about XLR8, Tails and Echo Echo
i finished them after the 5th of November, so you will see them again, next year :)
what not mean that i will not post anything until that :D
i'll try to stay more active here in the next time

cu then arround :)

i suck...

Tue Sep 25, 2012, 8:37 AM

as group leader
for everyone who visit my profile because a suggestion has been expired or at the moment because i suggest tons of expired artworks
i really apollogize :worry:
in the last....months....
i just wanted to upload and do my own shit :worry:
this whole group thing is just growing over my head
and meanwhile i left a few and/or organize some internal stuff

i feel terrible at the moment i can't explain because i let a lot of people stand in the rain
i don't want to write some stupid exuses like
i have sooooo much work to do that i don't want to do something here
it was just lazyness :worry:

sorry :worry:

Papercraft Mission 4: All i Got...

Wed Sep 12, 2012, 4:28 AM

at the moment i'm preparing something really special :dance:
it is something what a lot people are waiting for i guess

like always in the papercraft missions
i will not explain what it will be until i'm done
only that much
i will put all my knowledge into this and i think you will like it ;)

stay tuned for more :)

ok, that is just insane :omg:
you may know (i think i allready wrote that in a journal)
when i upload a new model
i wait a certain time before i start answer or rather write back
just to see what happend
but this time it is just amazing and overwhelme me :faint:
in that short time
quite 500 faves, over 4000 views and 45 new watchers?
are you kidding me? :omg: :faint:
this is too much and let my highest expections burst like a balloon

:dance: :la: :heart: thank you so much people :tighthug: :huggle: :glomp:
you so nuts :D

that's why i say i don't want a DD ;P
these views and faves are real, not pushed :aww:

i need a drink :D

Renamon for sale :( ...

Sat Aug 11, 2012, 10:51 AM

as i said
i search for my stuff
found my FREE Renamon model (and a lot other free models) at a facebook page for sale…
pls do me and the other designers a favor and report it :worry:

found it again...

Sun Jul 8, 2012, 9:29 AM

well i guess everyone had this moment, when you sitting infront of your stuff
and got totally no ambition to do something
well, i had this with my own project

i don't know why, maybe because of the editing or the boring unfolding process
after the marker i noticed that i have the most fun still with my own models
so i put my finger out the ass and started with a new model
and what should i say, i'm quite done with unfolding
at least, the hardest part :aww:

the model?
it's Knuckles and the first from a series of four Sonic models :)

ok the other sadly thing
in the next time work will be horrible
i allready know that, because it's the second big action what we have there
in other words, i don't know if found every day time to do something :worry:

but you know this phrase
good things take long :D

in this case, see you arround :w00t:

by the way (some shameless self promotion :D )
if you wanna read stupid things and see some WIP photos from me
you can add me on facebook…

topic: dead space 2...

Sat Jun 9, 2012, 11:28 AM

just simple question
high detailed model
60cm tall

security suit
advanced suit

what the hell? 0.0...

Thu Jun 7, 2012, 5:17 AM

brandon left deviantart? :wow:
that makes me sad :worry:

guns, lots of guns...

Sun Jun 3, 2012, 10:33 AM

haaya and it goes on :D
in the last days i cared about my BIIIIIIIIG Sinanju project and redesigned the beam rifle and the beam axe of Playboy's version
i think they look really good
lots of details, lots of decals lots of everything what mecha and gundam fans may like :D
at least, i do :meow:

at the moment i'm still at the Shield
but that doesn't take long anymore :dance:
then i can start them
also i'm building something very very special here
also a gun
but not "just" a gun :giggle:
let me call this
you will like it ;)

more coming soon

namechange maddness...

Mon May 21, 2012, 12:42 PM

basically it's a great idea
if you had a name like "member123xy" you have the chance to change it to something else what you like (at least the name is free)
the whole thing without moving the all the uploads to the new account or loosing badges, views and other statistic things

actually it's just annoying :|
i don't know how much messges i deleted because this and that user changed his name to
and to destroy your worries
i will not change my name ;)
there is no reason for it
if i search in google for my name
*shu* :faint: it's just heavy ^^;
i also prefere to not do this
maybe you will regret that action

by the way
when a member changed the name, he will get a little hint over his name with "formerly"
do me a favor
if you see a member called "the artist formerly prince"
give me a hint
i need a screenshot of that :D

second tattoo...

Thu May 17, 2012, 1:42 PM

hey people :)
title said everything ;)
on this saturday i have my next tattoo session and i'm very excited
the only problem, it start at 12:00h :|
so i need your help here
do you know a good breakfast to get a good constitution?
it's quite important because even i really want that tattoo
know what is coming
pain, a lot of pain :worry:
and without anything in my stomach and too much adrenalin
i don't think i'll make it without collapsing (was quite before the last time)
maybe one or an other of you have a tip for me :meow:

everything on hold...

Sun May 6, 2012, 7:17 AM

ok, let's make this official
i know i hold myself very quite in the last weeks about my projects
even i announced a lot of stuff like the four Sonic model, the Avian Defender, Enigma and Meerin and the whole other stuff
maybe you can remind my journal about the MSN-06 Sinanju… and the other one…
the truth is, everytime when i start to edit or cut one of my models, i have that thing in my mind
that's why i made a decision or rather made them a few weeks
i'll build this model right after the small SD version
it will be the version from
even it's sound stupid, because i build the model actually for me
this time it's something personal

to explain you how important this model is for me
i cancled/paused my running projects only one time back then with Damarus

but there is also an other thing
through facebook, i saw a lot of custum models of gundams, so i had a lot of inspiration
and the most of you know me ;)
i'm not just print the model out and just build it
meanwhile i recolord the shield and a few pages of the backpack and a new way
Julius (greetings by the way if you ever read this :wave: ) created a really awesome model with the Sinanju
but for me it's too clean and vector like, that's why i started to add more effects into the sheets like brushed metal, some emboss effects, more decals and stuff and a lot other things
as i said, this is something personal ;)

after that, i'll continue with my models
promissed :)

New Fan-Art Project...

Sat Apr 7, 2012, 4:56 AM

(i have not enough work ^^; <- sarcassm ;P )
ok, i decided to make some new fan-art model
to be exact, four in a row
Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Knuckels

you may ask now why, because there are allready models out there
the answer
because i want
a few days ago, a Shadow model from SSBB has been released from juke…
nothing agains the work from Juke but i don't like how he converted the model
for me this is not working, there are some major issues and the pdo is locked :(

i found the models, i will build it too, and also the other sonic trophys
i don't think it will take long, maybe sonic, because the polygone count of that model is a lot more as the others
anyway, i will inform you about this in the next days :)

The Year of the Dragon...

Sat Mar 10, 2012, 9:24 AM

well then
let's start a WIP journal for Meerin
yes people this is serious ;P

i allready have one but i don't remember anymore where it is ^^;
atm i'm working on the model
and it is running very very well :dance:
i removed all visible collissions and started with the first hand to simplify the mesh a bit more
:iconmeerin: did a great job but for paper there are a lot things what don't work or rather what would be just horrible to build
i still try to hold the actual pose and detail level but hopefully with a lot less polys :)
but even i try to remove as much as i can, i think this will crush my piececount highscore ^^;

more coming soon :)

Devious Journal Entry

Mon Mar 5, 2012, 1:08 PM

sry, i don't have any title idea for this
i apollogize for my current inactivity
had a little hangover this weekend after a lazy week
except the SD Sinanju model, i moved no finger to make something else :blushes:

i hope this week is running better with all my stuff ^^;
and it will be defenitly not your fault that you have to wait
i'm planing something special this year and because of this ctrl+j thing, it hopefully shouldn't take that long anymore ;P


Sat Feb 25, 2012, 10:19 AM

:eager: oh my gosh! :iconnoeslaplz: oh my gosh!  :la: oh my gosh! :icondummylaplz:

you can't even imagine what i found right atm
and even you are not interested in techniqule thingies
i don't give a shit, i tell you anyway

i found "THAT" way to edit the models
you maybe know that collissions and merged object are the problem in papercraft
HA FUCK THAT! :finger:
in Metasequia there is a way to combine dots without texture issues
i just knew it :evillaugh:
and it's so simple that it really hurts

here the problem
when i wanna combine these two dots with the method by erase them and create a new face

i get this

the secret ;)
select the two dots and just press "ctrl+j" and you have no problems ;)

what that means now you may ask ?
i'm at the point where i can finally start Meerin and Enigma
that is what it means ;)

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Challenge 4: Red (update)...

Sun Feb 19, 2012, 9:37 AM

*shuh* :phew:
i never thought that this model took me so long
i really have to say this
calling this model an SD (Super Deformed) is defentily an insult
this has nothing to do anymore with SD
"Miniatur Version" i would say :D
meanwhile i'm working a month on this on this and i still have so much pieces left
but through this i came to a new idea

do you remind this journal ?…
i build the SD RX-93 first before i start the big one
and why should i change my behavior ;P
i will build the big one, it will be the one from julius (paper-replika)
even i have the problems with the colored tabs
but because Photoshop is a gift from heaven and with the pre-work on the SD version i know what to do :)
i'm also gonna convert the pdf in jpg and just delete the color out of the tabs
even there are over 60 pages, it is more less work as to recolor the other one
where i have to build it without instructions
also a good thing, i don't need to calculate around, because the pages have this time all the same size

but first i have to finish my other stuff ;)

ok, shit happend :(
the model don't work :worry:
right at the moment i combine the pieces of the boosterpack and i noticed
the pieces don't fit
some are to small some to big
i have a massive calculating error in my plan

i converted the pdf pages into jpg
i did this with photoshop
during this process i changed the size of the witdh to 3000px for all images
problem, photoshop didn't used the border of the sheets
it used the border of the pieces
what equals when the pieces are just going to the center, they will also increased
because i increased just the area where are the pieces are

damn it!
but ok, i anyway not very happy with the result of some pieces
i will change the size and redo the model :)

little update :)
printed the sheets out right atm
and it looks good so far
the red is very intense, the grey a little bit dark but that's ok
and the important thing
the pieces fit with the others
was a bit worried about cause photoshop erased the page borders ^^;
today i will start the first parts of the Sinanju
very excited about :D

very productive day today :aww:
i finished the recoloring of the first gundam model and i think this should be good :)
i'm really curious if this is working because through the converting from pdf to jpg i used Photoshop
the jpg have all a width of 3000 pixel but all a different height :confused:

i tested it out of a few pieces if they have the right size and "in theorie" this should work
i'll see :)

ok, ok, ok...
today i started with the first pieces of the Gundam
AND IT'S JUST HORRIBLE :iconnoeslaplz:
i really don't know how people can even work with cardboard
ok there are no white edges but if you not even able to bend the paper good enough, then it makes no sense :|
so plan B
i convert the sheets to jpg and recolor them what gives me more advantages
so i'm also able to cut the tiny pieces without splitting the paper and stuff
the color is shiny because of the laser print
and the importat thing
i see where i have to cut
black lines on black paper
pffff who had this idea ? :D

it seems to be that we got a winner here ;)
ok, because i don't wanna keep you in the dark i will tell you what i'm gonna do in the next ....weeks :faint:
it's not about pokemons
it's about Gundams
through a lucky coincidence i found some really cool SD Gundams which i wanna build
these gundam models are based on colored sheets
or in other words
if you wanna print them, you have just black lines
the first one will be the MSN-06-Sinanju

at the moment i try to sort the pieces out which parts are based on which pieces and shit
it's like try to solve a rubik cube because there is no instruction
just a pdo where i have to select the pieces
a lot of pieces
i can tell you, this is just way too complicated for a SD Gundam :omg:

but it's a good training for an upcoming model i wanna build, which is also based on colored sheets and much more complicated ^^;

with this model i will go a bit back to the beginning and make some instruction shots, just if you wanna build that later on your own ;)

(P.S. pls son't ask me here for the sheets, i don't know if i have the right to share them public)

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