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yoshi (update2b)...

Sun Jul 10, 2011, 7:45 AM

-update 10.7.
that's the reason why i don't release alpha models :|
in the last days i build the first hand of yoshi
and i found a bug again
but this bug is really awefull and i don't want to let you build that
that's why i'm gonna edit the model again
that means, that i also have to cut it again :doh:

well, but at least i can remove the other ones too
and maybe i can use the allready build hand
damn it :worry:

haha, sometime this is just destiny :D
because with the re-edit
i have also the chance to fix the stand, what makes me some sleepless nights ^^;

-update 3.7.
today, i finished the basic cutting of yoshie :dance:
i got meanwhile 250 pieces on 26 sorted pages
(oh the printer will bleed :D )
and i allready send the first pages to my work that i can print them tomorrow :meow:
the pages contain both hands and arms, for me the hardest parts (i think)

i also found three little bugs :doh:
but they are not bad
one very small face has no green texture
it's under the legs at the backside
at one piece one tab is missing
and at the eye the is a little issue, what i could hide completely ;)
i'm very pleased with the piece size
i think the smallest are not under 4mm
sadly, there are a few complicated
but i will make photos of it and how they should be assembled (as always ;) )

...there will also come a little special model which i'm currently build and which i wanna build since a long time (weekend was just boring)
so stay exited :aww:

guess what
i'm done with the editing :dance:

hell, to edit the hands was just a pain in the ass
but the main problem was not the mesh
it was Metasequoia
because the dafault background is green, after a time i saw nothing anymore
the whole thing dissapear at the screen

after changing the BG to black it was just easy.....
well, not really
i seprated all fingers, the wrist and the hands itself to reach the polygone edges... :blahblah:
tomorrow i will go again over the model and search for bugs
there are still some faces which look a bit, well.... weird :D
and i hope that there will be no problem then, when i cut this with Pepakura :)

by the way
i will push this model also up to 50 cm
one of the reasons is of course the level of details and the polycount
the other one are the two models from :icontouchfuzzygetdizzy:
Super Smash Brothers by TouchFuzzyGetDizzy
i think you know what i'm driving at ;)

  • Mood: Happy
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ChaoticUmbra Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
one word... YOMP
Skillns Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
Oh, the printer will commit SUICIDE!
OverdramaticToast Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Student General Artist
this will be too epic for words :iconwhutplz:
Destro2k Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
hope so, i do my best :aww:
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